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Let's Stay Safe - Outdoor Family Photography - Covid-19

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Update - 29.03.21


Current government guidlines state "Outdoor gatherings of either 6 people or 2 households will be allowed".

This means I will be available to take on outdoor shoots with families of 5 or less from now until further notice.

Please note, I will only be allowed to photograph one family of 5 or less from the same household (as I am obviously the second household and the additional person that makes the number up to 6)

As soon as this changes and I am able to take bookings for extended family, I will let you know.

Masks are not required as social distancing will be 2 metres apart and outdoors.

Update - 15/02/21

Uh, everyone is so over this now! Hope you're baring up ok?

I am currently temporarily closed for this 3rd lock down. With the most vulnerable now being vaccinated things are looking really positive for the Spring and summer. Whilst I believe there will still be social distancing in place, I have everything crossed I will be up and running for Spring. The bluebell season is nearly here and I would hate to miss out as I have Mini Bluebell sessions planned and would LOVE to carry them out. I miss everything about my job, especially meeting up with lovely families and photographing them :) Watch this space, it won't be long now!

BTW - If you book a Spring session and we (for some reason) go into another lockdown after this one (so help us all!!!) you can either move your date or get a full refund, so feel free to go ahead and book without worrying.

Please ignore the below information for now. The only relevant information at this stage is the above update from 15/02/21.

Update - 2.11.20

Due to the recent news of a second lockdown; I will not be taking or carrying out any bookings from 5th November to 2nd December 2020. Those who have scheduled bookings during this time, I will contact you soon to re-schedule if I haven't already.

However, I am taking bookings from 3rd December onwards. You can either book online or give me a call on 07967 112607.

You are still welcome to purchase Jo Temple Photography gift vouchers for Christmas during lockdown. Take a look here

Please keep safe and well during this time.

Jo :)

Please ignore the below information for now. The only relevant information at this stage is the above update from 2.11.20.

If we all play our part, together we can get through this.

All my photoshoots are outdoors in the fresh air, and with my long lens I can safely photograph families from a two metre distance or more. I have always photographed this way, so the quality of images you receive will be the same as they were before the pandemic, and what you see on this website.

A few rules and small changes

However, there are still a few rules and small changes I need to put in place and make you aware of. Please read below before you book a photoshoot. It is important to me that I keep your family and mine safe whilst working together.

  • As of 14th September 2020 we are only allowed to congregate in a group of 6 or less from mixed households. Therefore, at present I am only taking bookings with a family of up to five people.

  • Everyone taking part in the session must stay a minimum of two metres away from me, and I from them.

  • No physical greetings or goodbyes

  • If your child is at an age where they can understand instruction, it is your responsibility to brief them before the shoot on the policies outlined here.

  • No one is allowed to touch my equipment and I will not touch your belongings either.

  • No personal contact will be allowed. This includes me arranging your hair, clothes and positioning, I will direct you instead.

  • All viewing and ordering sessions take place online, so no change there.

  • Prints and products will be delivered straight from my lab to your home to reduce contact.

  • Please bring hand sanitizer along to the shoot.

  • I have subscribed to email updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Government via, and will update policies accordingly.

  • I sometimes have families sit on blankets I bring along to the shoot. Whilst COVID-19 is still around, I may ask you to bring your own.


I have carried out a risk assessment in relation to my outdoor photoshoots, adhering to strict government guidelines.

My family and I have been particularly careful throughout the pandemic. Always wearing masks in shops, washing our hands and shopping and strictly adhering to the guidelines. Even though we will always be at least two metres apart on the shoot, my promise to you is that I will hand sanitize before the shoot and always be careful not to come within two metres.

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