Framing your pictures

Think of a wall in your home, a space that needs some life.

Months or years can go by where your precious images remain on your USB, tucked in a draw. Not due to lack of want, but because of time. You're busy and I get it! 

What size looks best and how should I arrange them?  Should I have one large image on this wall or multiple? Will it look good on this wall? Canvas or framed? Which frame? Which colour? How do I attach the wall hangings? 

Relax! I will make it super easy for you!

Story board

A beautiful frame filled with  

Wall galleries

1.Choose your frame (see below)


2. Send me a picture of your wall before the shoot and measure the length of one piece of furniture in that picture. That's it!

Then I will add multiple layouts of your wall, with frames, sized perfectly to your room within your viewing gallery. Like this picture here.

And guess what? Your frames are delivered straight to your door ready to hang.

Prices Start from £350

psst..if you purchase all your digital images, you'll get £50 off one of my wall galleries.

One big picture

A statement piece.  A large framed image that makes everyone stop and stare when they walk into your room. Pick your favourite image from the shoot and let me frame it for you.

Just pick one of the frames above.

Prices Start from £200 for a 24" x 16"


Great for simplicity and selected for quality. I love these mirrored canvas wraps where the image wraps around the the side of the canvas giving it a 3D look on your wall.  Choose one or two to fill a space in one of your rooms or choose a collection of 3 or more.


Send me a picture of your wall and I can show you what it will look like! 

Canvasses start from £100 for an 18" x 12"

All my products are sourced from companies who only deal with Professional Photographers, which means they're pretty awesome and you won't find them on the high street..



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