What time of year is best to book?  All is revealed below...

Pick the scene you love and book in between the dates under each title below.


You are spoilt for choice when it comes to locations for your family photoshoot in Surrey.

Whether it's natural long grass fields or beautiful rows of lavender at Mayfield Lavender Farm,

Surrey is wonderful!

I know many locations to choose from, or you may have a place of your own you would like to suggest. If you need some inspiration, here are a few examples of places I have used for a family photoshoot in Surrey.


Book your session mid March - April


You know when spring has sprung when you see the beautiful pink of cherry blossom trees popping up everywhere. I know of a gorgeous Surrey location where many grow close to each other. It creates the most stunning background for your photography session. Book a Full Session online, call or email.

Blossoming cherry trees  in spring,Sprin


Book your session in the last two weeks of April


The scene is utterly magical with the light pouring through the trees and a carpet of purple across the woodland floor. These beautiful wildflowers are a protected species so I use the little pathways between the bluebells to photograph you and your family. Book either a Mini Session or Full Session online, call or email.


Book your session April - September 


A myriad of green hues (my favourite colour). Sunlight through the trees, long grass and beautiful backdrops of a little village in the distance. I know just the place. It's incredibly magical there.  

Book a Full Session online between dates above, call or email.

Long grass and tree in morning light.jpg


Book your session June - September


There is nothing better than a poppy field full of scarlet red, set against a backdrop of the deepest blue sky. Bringing this colour into your family photographs and onto your walls creates beautiful and vibrant images. Book a Full Session online between the dates above, call or email.


Book your session In July


There are several wildflower meadow locations in Surrey. Hidden gems that deliver the most gorgeous backdrops of wildflowers. The blues yellows and pinks of Wild Marjoram, Harebells, St John's-wort, Cowslips, Daisies and Wild Orchids. They are like little scenes from heaven. Book a Full Session online, call or email.

many summer wildflowers on meadow at dra


Book your session mid July - Mid August


The smell of sweet lavender and row upon row of purple fill the scene at this jaw dropping location. A cafe and little shop onsite where you can buy a vast array of lavender based products. This is one of the most stunning locations for a family photoshoot in Surrey. The landowners do charge professional photographers for the use of the lavender field, so your session fee will be a little more expensive! But it's well worth it! Book either a Mini Session or Full Session online, call or email.


Book your session end of October - end of November


2021 Autumn Sessions now available to book. The oranges, yellows and reds of autumn leaves look amazing. I can suggest several locations in Surrey that are full of autumnal colour at this time of year. Images of you and your family having fun in the leaves, walking and cuddling within a beautiful autumn light. Book a Full Session or Mini Session online, call or email.

Winter landscape - frosty trees in snowy


Book your session over the phone whenever it snows


I know what you're thinking...​


"How can I book a snow session in advance when we don't know when it will snow?"


Well you can't. But what you can do is pop a Post-it note on your fridge saying "Call Jo Temple Photography when it snows and book a photoshoot" 

I'm serious! Just call me and i'll book you in within the next few days. 


Book your session over the phone any time of year!


"Where is there a beach in Surrey?" I'm imagining you will ask. There isn't one but I want you to know that am able to travel to a beach on the south coast. A little more is added to the session fee for the travel time, but if you're up for it, so am I :) 

The wind in your hair and your family splashing, running and jumping over the waves, or cuddled up on the beach.


The simplicity of the background, the amazing blues/greens of the sea and yellows of the sand. Call or email me below to book this session. 

Beach at Sunset