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You and your family surrounded in a sea of purple 

in a magical woodland setting in Guildford



22nd April to 5th May 2023


10% of every Bluebell Session booked is donated to the Woodland Trust to help keep up their wonderful work in maintaining our beautiful woodlands.


Hi, I'm Jo, the photographer

I’ve been photographing Surrey families since 2013 and I absolutely LOVE my job.

I'm an outdoor girl, who loves our Surrey countryside, which is why all my family photoshoots take place outdoors, in amazing Surrey locations.

It’s really important for me to deliver you professional, colourful & emotive images that you will keep in your family for generations.


From initial enquiry to receiving your images, my main aim is to make the whole process super easy for you, and for you to leave the experience a satisfied customer with a set of images you love.

This page is all about my forthcoming bluebell sessions between 22nd April and 5th May 2023.


If you would prefer to have your family photos in another stunning Surrey location check out my locations page for more information, or just give me a call on 07967 112607 for a chat.



A carpet of purple as far as your eyes can see

in a colour that almost falls off the spectrum 

Quick overview

I just wanted to tell you that we were blown away with our photos, we both teared up watching the slide show! Thank you so much for all the work you put into taking and editing our photos, we are so delighted with them. You're a truly amazing photographer and we will without doubt use you again in the future.We are recommending you to all our friends!

Sophie M, Woking



Once you're booked in and before your photoshoot we will have a chat over the phone to discuss location, what to wear, and I'll ask a few questions about your family to help me plan your photoshoot. 


There will be a mixture of family shots, individual shots of your child/ren and if you have more than one child, sibling shots too. Full of fun and games with little breaks in between if the little ones need them. 


After 4-5 weeks you will be sent a link to view your slideshow. Then you can choose a digital collection to purchase and download. Frames, canvases, framed wall galleries and prints are all in your online store.


Bluebells are a protected and by law we are not allowed to pick them or stand on them. All the families I photograph are on little pathways in among the bluebells, you can not see the pathways because of the angles in which I take the shots, plus a little Photoshop magic :) 

What to Expect



  • What if it rains?
    I will keep an eye on the forecast from two days before your shoot. If we do need to reschedule due to heavy rain or strong winds, you will have plenty of notice and there is no extra charge for having to reschedule due to bad weather. I do ask you to be flexible on the day of your shoot as sometimes we may have to adjust the time we had planned to avoid a shower or two!
  • Will I be pressured to buy?
    No! The only payment you will definitely pay for is your Session Fee before the shoot. Your session fee secures your booking and pays for my time photographing and editing your images. Once you have seen your edited gallery via an online slideshow, you will have the choice of three Digital Collections to purchase. All sales are online, without me being there, so you can take your time. You do not have to purchase anything if you don't want to.
  • What should we wear?
    Don't worry, I will send you a guide before your shoot!
  • Will I like my photos?
    In my decade of photographing families, I am yet to have a complaint and have only ever received compliments from happy clients. The main concerns are usually 'Will she capture me at a good angle?' or 'Will I like my expressions?' I have a great deal of experience in posing and capturing families looking their best. From using the right lighting to flattering positions. I am confident in what I do and I want you to love your images. I might be awful at cooking, but photography is my thing! You are in good hands!
  • Should I wait until I have lost weight?
    Nooooo! Let me tell you why - I made this mistake and my son has lost four years of photographs with his mum. These photographs are not just for you. They are for your children who love you unconditionally and will want those memories in years to come.
  • What if my kids play up?
    So what if they do? They are kids/babies/toddlers! I have a child myself and nine nieces and nephews. I've seen it all. I have also mastered the art of distraction 😏 The biggest reason kids play up is due to being over tired or ill. Do whatever you can to make sure your child is not tired on the day of the shoot and please, please reschedule if they are ill. There is no awkwardness or any airs and graces with me. If they have a melt down or play up, we'll deal with it as a team and move on. If all hell breaks loose 😀 we'll reschedule at no extra cost to you.
  • I don't look good in photographs and I'm a bit worried about having them taken
    With nearly a decade of experience behind me, I know how to choose the right lighting and poses for all body shapes. I will know instantly when looking through my camera's viewfinder if someone doesn't look quite right and I will tell you to change position. Also, tell me when you book. I plan every shoot and I will make a note of your concerns. I have learnt over the years to recognise what shots people will love and what they won't. You are in safe hands. I've yet to have someone complain, but I am always aware that some people won't like the look of themselves in photos no matter what I do. I'm afraid this is out of my control.
  • My child is super active. Will you be able to get a good shot of them?
    My camera and I are super active too! I have a high end professional camera and a fast lens, plus many tricks up my sleeve to work with your super busy children! You will get sharp, full of fun images of your energetic kids, dont worry :)
  • What if someone is ill?
    If any member of your family is not well enough to attend, please let me know as soon as possible and we can reschedule the shoot. Although adults can cope with being unwell, the photographs will reveal that you weren’t yourself that day. Please reschedule if your child has a temperature, sore throat, Earache etc. I promise you, a photoshoot rarely works out when the child is under the weather. If you or your family have any Covid like symptoms before the shoot, please do a test. I will do the same and if there is a positive result, we will reschedule. I do not charge for cancellations due to sickness.
  • How will I receive my images? Digital or print?
    After you have seen your final edited slideshow, you will have the choice of three digital collections to choose from. Each digital collection comes with a certain number of digital images that you can instantly download from your gallery onto your computer. Once you have purchased a collection you will have access to your full gallery where you can download your chosen images. Each digital collection also comes with print credit that you can use towards frames, canvases and wall art in your shop, attached to your gallery.

Zoe Brown

We can not recommend Jo Temple Photography highly enough! From the first contact through to post care Jo was nothing but professional and friendly. She goes above beyond what you would expect from a photographer and it reflects in the finished results.

Krista Burnett

Jo is an extremely talented photographer. She is professional from start to finish, makes you feel at ease on the shoot and her pictures are just breath taking. I would have no trouble recommending her and her work

Stuart Dunlop

Anyone looking for an amazing photographer look no further, Jo took pictures of my daughters and they where amazing, I can’t recommend her enough. Jo left no stone unturned to produce the best photos possible, a complete service. Thanks Again


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