A magical woodland setting with you and your family surrounded in a sea of purple haze

I think I know why you're here

Little hands, little feet, the way he or she looks at you.  The cuddles, the smiles, the littleness you want to freeze and never let go of.

Mobile snaps just aren't enough, you want clear, well lit, sharp images of you and your children to display on your walls at home with a photographer who knows how deliver pictures you will cherish forever.


I know, because I've hired a family photographer for all the above reasons. 

Oh, and you love bluebells! :)

Hi, my names Jo, photographer and owner at Jo Temple Photography


My school friends believed in Father Christmas, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy but I knew from the time I could talk they didn’t exist.

I had a great childhood, so no violins here…

but I was a kid with a vast and vivid imagination that desperately wanted the idyllic ignorance

of believing in the un-real.  I needed magic in my life and it’s only through hindsight I’ve realised that I found it through photography and nature.

The first time I saw a bluebell woodland it stopped me dead in my tracks. I was 7. A carpet of purple as far as my eyes could see in a colour that almost fell off the spectrum.

And the light, oh the light, through the trees got to me. Silhouetting the tiny flowers, invisibly pulling their little heads towards it’s warmth.

‘Fairy's have to live here’, I told myself.  If there was anywhere on earth they would live, this was it.


I wasn’t on this earth anymore, I was in Narnia or I had teleported into The Secret Garden. Hang on, I was Alice in wonderland!

I may not believe in fairy’s anymore (or do I?) but the spell the bluebell woodland cast on me during my childhood is still with me today and you can see it though my photography and in your family images.




Zoe Brown

We can not recommend Jo Temple Photography highly enough! From the first contact through to post care Jo was nothing but professional and friendly. She goes above beyond what you would expect from a photographer and it reflects in the finished results.

Krista Burnett

Jo is an extremely talented photographer. She is professional from start to finish, makes you feel at ease on the shoot and her pictures are just breath taking. I would have no trouble recommending her and her work

Stuart Dunlop

Anyone looking for an amazing photographer look no further, Jo took pictures of my daughters and they where amazing, I can’t recommend her enough. Jo left no stone unturned to produce the best photos possible, a complete service. Thanks Again



Full Bluebell

Family Session

  • 1 - 2 hours 

  • 30 - 40 images to choose from

  • Private family photoshoot

  • Bespoke location

  • What to wear guide

  • Private online gallery 

  • You choose date and time

  • Suitable for families with children of all ages.

Mini Bluebell Family Session

  • 30 minute shoot.

  • 10 - 15 images to choose from

  • Set time

  • Set location

  • What to wear guide

  • 5 digital images included

  • Private online gallery

  • For families with children over 4 years old.




  • 1 - 2 hour Family Photoshoot at a Stunning Surrey Location

    179 British pounds
  • 30 minute session - Saturday 24th April - Dorking, Surrey

    299 British pounds



How much does a Mini Bluebell session cost?

The Mini Bluebell Session costs £299 and includes 5 digital images of your choice.

Where will the Bluebell Mini Session take place?

In a stunning woodland in Dorking. Don't worry, I will email you details and directions before your shoot.

What if it rains?

I will keep an eye on the forecast from two days before your shoot. If we do need to reschedule due to heavy rain or strong winds, you will have plenty of notice. I do ask you to be flexible on the day of your shoot as sometimes we may have to adjust the time we had planned to avoid a shower or two!

Will the other families be watching our mini session?

No. I want you to look as relaxed as possible in your photos, which is why I ask all my families to arrive on time and wait in the carpark until I call them.

What if we go into another lockdown?

I have everything crossed we don't, but if we do you can either be fully refunded or you can move your mini session to another date when we are out of lockdown.

What if my kids play up?

Sometimes kids do, but let me give you these tips. Follow these and it will reduce the likelyhood of anyone playing up. 1. Make sure your children get a good nights sleep the night before (can't emphasise this enough) 2. Make sure they've eaten a good meal before the shoot. 3. If they're little, make sure you bring a snack and drink with you. and last but not least 4. If you stress out, your kids will naturally follow suit. The same goes for me, if I start trying to entertain them and run around, they will mimic what Im doing. My only instruction to you on the shoot is to be calm and relaxed. They don't need any instructions or guidence from you before the shoot. Calm photographer & calm parents = calm kids & beautiful photographs They don't need to be told to smile or to behave. If you're worried or stressed, your kids will pick up on it and behave in the same way. If you expect the shoot to go well and talk in front of them like it will, you will see the difference in your childrens behaviour. Leave it to me, it's only 30 minutes and if your child/ren are anything like my boy, they'll perform better for a stranger then they will their own parents anyway :D

What should we wear?

Don't worry, I will send you a guide before your shoot!

Why are Mini Sessions for children over 4?

I love working with babies and toddlers, but they need longer than 30 minutes. Nappy changes, snacks, drinks etc plus they need an environment where there are no time restrictions, so they can just be their happy little selves. Full sessions are great, not only for the relaxed time, but because the bluebell session doesn't have to take place in Dorking. There are other beautiful bluebell woodlands all over Surrey, so you could choose one closer to your home. Also, you choose the time and the date, what ever suits you and your family.

How much is a Full Family Bluebell Session?

The session Fee is £179 up front. This pays for your shoot and my time editing your images. Once you have seen your images you can choose from three digital collections starting from £499. For more information please take a look at my pricing page here

What if all your Bluebell Mini Sessions have sold out?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and send me a message with the subject "bluebell waitlist" I often set up additional sessions if there is high demand, but this is not guaranteed. Once you're on the waitlist, I will email you as soon as more become available.


Just message me below.  In the subject line write "bluebell wait list".

I often add more sessions if there is high demand.


I will email you as soon as/if more become available




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