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What to wear to create an awesome Autumn family photo

I have been photographing families for over seven years now and there is no doubt that families' clothing choices can have a massive impact on how their photos look. I have eight clothing suggestions you can follow that will make an Autumn family photo look amazing!

Eight clothing suggestions for your Autumn family photo shoot

1. Think of colours that work well with Autumn.

2. Layers look great. Big bulky coats do not.

3. Pick no more than two colours for your family as a whole. Different shades of those colours still work.

4. Check out my inspiration boards below.

5. Avoid logos.

6. Avoid busy patterns.

7. Accessorize! Hats, scarves and layers looks great!

8. Dress for the weather.

Keep your clothing simple

I always tell my families to keep it simple. Avoid logos, slogans and busy patterns as they distract from your family's beautiful faces. You want the people in the clothes to be the focus of the shoot and not the outfits.

Think of colours that work well with Autumn

Add colours that go with your surroundings. The images and Pinterest board below will give you heaps of examples colours that go well with Autumn colours.

Pick no more than two colours for your family as a whole

I suggest adding no more than two-three colours to your whole family's clothing choices for an Autumn family photo. However greys, blacks, whites and creams can be additional colours you can use to break things up.

Accessorize! Hats, scarves and layers looks great!

If it's chilly, wear layers and not big bulky coats to make sure you and your kids are warm enough. If you get too warm at least layers can be taken off. Hats, scarves, gloves and knitted chunky cardigans are all fine. If anyone feels the cold more than others, bring a large coat for inbetween shots or even a hot water bottle.

Here are a few shots from some of my previous Autumn photo shoots where the families nailed it with their clothing choices.

Should I buy new clothes?

If you want to. If you were going to update your autumn wardrobe anyway, why not? Alternatively take a look through your current wardrobe as there are usually outfits you can put together with clothing you already own. If you are looking to buy new clothes Zara and Monsoon always offer great clothes for photo shoots for adults and kids.

What else could I bring to my Autumn photo shoot?

Is there a well loved teddy your child has? If so including teddy in a couple of shots will only add to the story and bring back precious memories in years to come.

Do you have a well behaved dog? If you would like to bring them to the shoot you are more than welcome! I love dogs and understand they are a huge part of your family.

Snacks and drink for little ones.

Autumn shoot - What to wear Pinterest mood board

For more inspiration, check out my "Autumn shoot - What to wear" Pinterest mood board below. All pins where hand picked by me and are full of colour pallets and great ideas for your day.

My name's Jo, I am photographer and owner of Jo Temple Photography. I photograph Surrey families who love nature and the outdoors.

To book an family photo shoot please take a look at my book online page here or feel free to call me on 07967 112 607

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