Jo Temple Photography Ltd | Pinterest why and how?

Pinterest is your very own virtual bulletin board of everything that interests or inspires you.

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Why use it and how to use it?


Before using Pinterest if I ever found a good web page that I knew I would want to refer back to I'd either add it to my favourites in my browser or email the link to myself. This kind of worked if I remembered to go back there and look but most of the time I'd forget. I don't know about you but unless I can visually see something in front of me to remind me I forget about it. 

Now, using Pinterest there is a simple way to collect all of the great things you find online and keep them all in one easily accessible place. From fashion to DIY, home ideas to inspiration for your childs next birthday party or simply reminders. You can also make use of all the other Pinterest users' collections. Check out my "Kids Party" board below. 

All of these pins below are from other users.  I simply searched “kids party ideas” and hundreds of pins came up for me to choose from.

You can either pin other users' pins directly from your searches on Pinterest (like I did above) or you can surf the web as normal, find ideas you like and pin away using the "pin it button" on your browser. 

You will have to install the "pin it button" onto your browser first (click image above) don't worry, it's really easy.

I have over 3,000 pins now and over 100 boards on my Pinterest page.  I also have the Pinterest app on my phone so if I’m out and about I can refer to my boards any time.  As Pinterest is 90% visually based it's really easy to navigate and quite relaxing to use. All your inspiration for projects, DIY, kid’s birthday partys, clothes, holidays (the list is endless) is all in one place, visually categorised on all your different personal boards.

Give it a try, although be warned it is very addictive :)

If you need my help to get set up, keep reading and I'll guide you through with step by step instructions. Or go back to find out more about the competition here.


1st step, sign up

Next, Pinterest will ask for your name and age

Then, choose your interests. This bit is fun:)

Wait for a minute...
Then tah dahhhhhh everything that interests you to feast your eyes on!

If you like the look of anything, hover over it and pin it.

Once you've clicked on the "pin it" above you can either add that pin to an existing board or create a new one

Before you know it you will have loads of boards filled with everything that inspires you or you want to remind yourself about.

Want to pin something whilst surfing the web? No problem just add the pin it button to you your browser.

Once you have clicked on the "pin it" button on your browser all the images from that web page will come up.
Choose the image that you want to pin by hovering over it and clicking on the "pin it icon"
Pick one of your existing boards or create a new one.

Thats it!

Happy pinning & hope you have fun! You will need a pinterest account to enter my BIGGEST COMPETITION YET.

Sign up to my emails below and I'll alert you when the competition goes live.





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