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A little about me


Me and my boy :)

Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire based

Artistic children's photographer from pregnancy to teens

"I wanted personalised beautiful, artistic, natural images that took my breath away. I was after quality, not quantity"

Five years ago I set out to hire a photographer. If I tell you about my own experience I think it will help you to understand what type of photographer I am and what you can expect from me as your photographer.

One of the reasons I started my photography business was as a consequence of identifying an apparent gap in the market. This was due to my own frustration in trying to find a photographer to take pictures of my partner, my baby and I.  Five years ago (before I set up Jo Temple Photography) my beautiful boy had just been born. Before he turned a year old I wanted to hire a photographer to capture some family shots.  There were a few key qualities I wanted my photographer to deliver.

Where's the passion?
Most importantly, the photographer had to be passionate about what they do because I wanted more than a photographer who was merely after some quick cash. I wanted the photographer to capture the love we had, our fun, our quirkyness.  The photographer had to be interested in us as a family to capture our uniqueness. No family is the same and I wanted more than us all fake smiling at the camera. I wanted personalised beautiful, artistic, yet natural images that took my breath away. I was after quality, not quantity.

Attention to detail please!     
The images had to be sharp and colours bold and bright.  I wanted WOW images to display on my walls. I wanted to remember dimples, freckles and smiles in all their glory so out of focus images were a big no no.

Camera shy
 I felt uncomfortable having my photo taken (still do shhh) so I needed a photographer that was confident and sympathetic to that. I wanted the photographer to lead the session, not me. There's nothing worse than paying for a service and the provider hasn't a clue what to do with you, especially with a camera aimed at you.

What’s the rush?
The photographer had to take their time with the shoot as I didn't want a load of images that were very similar, I wanted something unique to our family. I wanted the images to be beautiful, personal and to visually personify us as a family. No fake smiles, no awkwardness. I didn't mind the photographer posing us so long as we didn't look too formal in the images.

Bring the Great Britsh countryside inside my home

I wanted us to be photographed in our beautiful British countryside.  What's better to frame then the faces you love surrounded in gorgeous nature?. Trees, flowers, woodland, long grass, bluebells, barley fields. However when I asked for a beautiful location I got questions back, “Is there anywhere you were thinking of?” or “Let me know where and I can meet you?”. Why hadn’t they sourced the locations already? I didn’t know where.

Is it a lot to ask?
It might seem a lot to ask when written down, but was it?  To me the above should have been easy to find, but it wasn't. No one seemed to tick all the boxes. A lot didn't even get back to me (don't get me started on that subject!) There are some amazing photographers out there but none that specifically met my requirements. 

After a lot of researching I realised I wanted a boutique, lifestyle photographer with extra artistic flair - A title I had made up myself but I searched for it anyway.  I trawled the internet for similar words and I knew as soon as I saw the images, I would know.  Frustratingly I found myself loving the style of a lot of U.S. photographers and wishing they lived closer, Skye Hardwick of Work of Heart Photography was one of them.


"I took inspiration from my favourite U.S. photographers and tweaked it to suit British families"

I ended up running out of time as I wanted to capture our baby before he was a year old.  In the end I opted for someone. He came to our house and took images against one of our white walls, much like a studio shoot. Here take a look :)

I chose him because his images were super sharp and bold. I love the images he took and I will treasure them forever as the subject was our baby boy, but they were not in the style I was after.

My love affair
A few years later I decided to turn my 20 year love affair with my camera into a profession.  I remembered everything I wanted for my own family shoots and implemented them into my approach.  I took inspiration from my favourite U.S. photographers and tweaked it to suit British families.

I wasn’t just after quality to my images and frames but a quality service too. I only take on a limited number of shoots each month for that reason. Dedicating the time to each shoot and making my clients feel comfortable and relaxed for those natural shots is so very important to me.

So glad you're here
My journey with my camera is still ongoing and i’m so glad you have joined me. My aim is to continue to serve families who appreciates quality photography & service as much as I do!  I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and maybe one day getting to capture your families uniqueness :)



A few other things you might like to know

  • I'll get to know a bit about you and your family before the session to give me ideas for the shoot based upon your personalities.
  • I will create picture boards and advice on what to wear.
  • I will compose and take your shots at a beautiful location, then spend up to an hour on each image in post-production artistically perfecting them.
  • My clients typically spend between £500 to £2,500 on their images & products.
  • Close up portraits of children are my favourite. I want to capture those expressions you know and love!
  • I take on a limited amount of bookings per month. I am generally booked up 2 months in advance.
  • Sessions take place either early in the morning (7am – 9am) or late afternoon (2 – 3 hours before sunset) as these provide the best light (unless photographing newborns where times are more flexible).
  • You won’t get a CD full of 100 images as I am not that kind of photographer. I am not studio based and you will never hear me say “Smile at the camera and put on your Sunday best”. I want to capture you. End of.
  • I am an artistic photographer. I plan and style my clients sessions and have creative ideas of how I want the images to look before the session.
  • I will call you before your shoot to discuss props, clothing and answer any questions you may have. I will send you guides to read before your shoot on “what to wear” and “what to expect”.

Honestly, the sessions are as easy as pie and so much fun :) Just read what other clients say here.

Click any of the buttons below to contact me or call me on 07967112607.

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